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A Message From Stephen 

I wanted to address the question on everyone's minds: Will I be touring in 2024? After careful consideration, I have made the decision not to tour next year. Let me explain why.


I am aware that many tour dates had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I sincerely hope to reschedule all of them for 2025. I am immensely grateful for your loyal support throughout the years, and I have taken the time to read all of your comments, emails, and inquiries.


Unfortunately, some of my fellow touring friends are still falling ill and encountering significant travel issues even after the pandemic. I would not want to disappoint my fans by canceling shows midway through a tour if I were to become unwell. At the moment, I feel healthy and strong, and I want to stay that way! 


Additionally, your safety, as well as the wellbeing of my team, is my top priority. 


Looking ahead to 2024, I have exciting plans to release three new original songs. These songs may be my last releases for a while, so I am devoting my energy to making them truly special. Furthermore, I have been diligently working with my wife on opening a music venue. Once it is completed, I would love to extend an invitation to all of you to come and experience it firsthand!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to my team and me at

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