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A Message From Stephen 

I know many of you are wondering if I will tour in 2023. I‘ve decided not to. Let me explain. First, I appreciate all of you for supporting my music through the years. I've seen your comments, emails, and inquiries. My team and I have talked about all the risks that are out there, the pros and cons, etc. I've spoken with friends who toured in 2022 and asked their opinions. 

Unfortunately, many of them got COVID, the flu, life-threatening side effects, or had more travel issues post-pandemic. I've also been to more funerals than I’d like to admit in 2022. Eight, to be exact. I feel healthy, strong, and more in love with music than ever. I've been lucky not to catch anything during this pandemic. But, after 45 years of touring, I think the risks outweigh the rewards...for now. 

Plus, your safety and my team are of the utmost importance. I know many of you are waiting for rescheduled dates in the US, UK, Ireland, and Scotland. We will try our best to do this for 2024. As for 2023, I will still be creating new music and have an exciting new venture I will be putting most of my time into. When it's
completed, I want to invite all of you to see it in person! 

If you have any questions, email my team and me at

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