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Stephen Bishop is still touring all these years later and his performance is a real treat. The guitar-wielding veteran is just as talented with his instrument as when he began his career back in 1966. The humble performer has had an interesting career and is happy to share tales with his audiences so if you're interested in not just this musician, but musical history, it's a show definitely worth seeing.

The singer/songwriter now seems far more content to perform his folk stylings for the love of music and entertaining, his falsetto voice is still sounding great and the minimal support really shows off his talents as an artist.

He's been steadily releasing albums throughout his career so you're sure to hear a mix of old and new material, including "On and On, Save it For A Rainy Day, and his two Oscar-nominated songs, Separate Lives and It Might Be You." Bishop has just completed a string of dates, yet keep an eye on his page as he is definitely an artist worth catching as he shows no sign of slowing pace.